Friday, November 12, 2010

Some big announcements coming

Just wanted to let the world know that we are in the process of recruiting some brilliant minds to our board and as consultants and look forward to seeing them become active agents in the great change we think is happening in communities.

One of the roles we believe that the International Community Association will serve is to offer a collective wisdom (that has real world experience in Common Interest Communities) to the communities themselves as well as local state, federal and international agencies, governmental bodies, and NGO's.

This is not just a US issues after spending two days with members of the US Government, World Bank and various international NGO's at Tech@State / CivilSociety 2.0 it is plain to see that development the world overs is being carried out as common interest communities.

The ICA is now ready to serve and offers over 100 years of direct community service to draw from to help the condominium, cooperative, single family & townhouse owners the world over.