Friday, October 8, 2010

Just to catch folks up on our Vet's job plan.

Our major project is the Community Manager Project.  This started for us back in the Bush Adm in when our Chairman Nelson Jacobsen was asked to take part in the Coming Home Project under VA Sec Nicholson.   During this project Nelson presented information about the need to fill thousands of vacant community manager positions.   More importantly that some kind of training be establish, since there is no academic or technical training available to independently train American job seekers in Residential Property Management.
Our present plan is to select a community college in the Washington Metro area to start a two year program. We will be looking to specifically bring Veterans into this programs.  With the idea that these individuals have already received excellent training and that with the additional skills and knowledge the CMP will impart to them will make them highly sought after candidates for a occupation that will serve them a lifetime and the communities that their VA loans are placing them in now.   Visit our page for even more news

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